Monday, December 21, 2009

Big UTAU Video~ YAY! 8D

So! I got really bored and..
..Well, I got this really weird idea where I would release every unreleased UTAU I have on my computer in one big video on Nico so...
..Imma go out with plan. : D
If you see a new video with like... 21 UTAUs, it was most likely me. 8P

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Project: UTAU Icons

Yush, so I found out that with some command lines, you can convert UTAU voice banks into self-extracting archive files. The command lines save the self-extracting into .exe files, which can be really useful for a few things. :3
For now, I'm just gonna do something minor, and change the icons and images around a bit, but maybe I'll do something a bit bigger later. ;3
For now, I plan to give Kamika Lisa this feature, so that she'll get a bit more noticed on Nico~ 8D
((I think that since she's voiced by the same voicer as Amagaku, they'll both get a bit more well known on Youtube/Nico.. .Desu. :D))

The First Post~ YAY! 8D

Yeah, everyone else is getting a blog, so...
...Peer pressure is horrible. Never give in to it(Like meh.. D:). DX
Anyway! For the most part, I'll be keeping up to date with UTAUs, maybe new releases, and possibly projects and otos. :3
Even though I doubt anyone will be reading my blog..
It'd be really cool of you if you did. XD;;